Photoessay: De Haan, Belgium

Jan 31, 2016 by

Because De Haan was one of the prettiest, most charming┬áplaces I’ve been in a long time.     What’s the cutest...

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Visiting Mumbai’s Slums

Dec 29, 2015 by

  For anyone who has been to India, you will know that it’s the kind of place that stays with you long after you leave. I...

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Though It’s Been Said Ma...

Dec 5, 2015 by

  Currently looking forward to: Drinks with my favourite, beautiful cousins. All the rum nog with my dad. Being somewhere...

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Leave My Footwear Out Of It

Nov 22, 2015 by

In my somewhat near future, there is the potential for a lot (a lot) of hiking. More on that later as details are confirmed…...

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Communing With The Bones

Oct 30, 2015 by

  After the 2 hour wait outside in the sun, I passed through the entrance turnstile and descended the narrow, winding staircase....

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Happy October & GIVEAWAY!

Oct 7, 2015 by

          HAPPY OCTOBER, FRIENDS! This is easily one of my favourite months of the year, and it may or may...

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We Ate Ireland

Sep 30, 2015 by

  After the first night of all the Guinness, we were starving. Our walk back to the airbnb took us through Temple Bar area....

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And We Drank

Sep 16, 2015 by

  Minor Disclaimer – I mostly drank Guinness in Ireland. As someone who has been following a gluten-free diet for a year,...

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