What’s The Big Hairy Dea...

Aug 1, 2015 by

  Just under 5 years ago, I went from long curly locks and fringe to this in a matter of moments:     I had always...

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Knockers In Bruges

Jul 24, 2015 by

  The colours. The shapes. The vast variety. Walking through the old part of Bruges was a real treat. Sorry if these...

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The “Last” Summer

Jul 7, 2015 by

One of the biggest perks of being a student is having summers off. Of course, my summers off have never truly been “off”....

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Through A Pinhole

Jun 30, 2015 by

If you are myopic (near-sighted), a pinhole is supposed to improve your visual acuity. If you are traveling, and your camera has a...

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Yellowstone: Animal Report

Jun 26, 2015 by

Surprisingly or not, I had low expectations for seeing animals before I went to Yellowstone. I knew the National Park to be a hot...

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Yellow in Yellowstone

Jun 22, 2015 by

Between a couple false starts, some technical difficulties (namely, my laptop sitting in a pool of water beside an open window after...

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Indian Heat

May 29, 2015 by

  It was just over a year ago that I was leaving India to travel to Nepal, Qatar and Europe. During that time, I felt the heat...

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Girl Goes To Russia

May 23, 2015 by

  I haven’t been on the subtle side of describing how difficult my trip through Russia was back in 2013. When I think back...

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