I Ate It In Washington

Sep 14, 2014 by

  Surprise! I’m back from a trip I didn’t announce. Yeehaw. The day before I flew home, I received an email from one...

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The Blues

Sep 4, 2014 by

Because I felt a little blue today… _______________________________________________________________________________ Wait, what...

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The Indian Curse? *Part Two*

Aug 17, 2014 by

  By the end of April, the heat was stagnant and more than suffocating. Each morning, by 7:30 am, while I uselessly applied...

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The Indian Curse? *Part One*

Aug 14, 2014 by

  Some people believe not talking about something – a fear, a worry, a burden – will prevent it from becoming real...

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Vanity In Wales

Aug 4, 2014 by

My friend Dawn is snap-happy. Those were her words. Given the chance, she will take more photos rather than less. This was how my...

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(I Ate It) A Real Taste Of New...

Jul 30, 2014 by

    My time in New York was punctuated with plenty of unforgettable drinks and superb meals. Here is a look at some of the...

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Reverse Culture Shock: India

Jul 15, 2014 by

… Or what being back in Canada is like after almost 3 months in India…     I use the term “reverse culture...

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The Only Sunrise

Jul 1, 2014 by

“Every spring is the only spring- a perpetual astonishment.” -Ellis Peters (quote seen here) Another early morning wake...

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