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About Me


I am not a travel blogger.
 At least I don’t think I am. I am a story teller, one who just happens to travel with some frequency.

New to CBT? Or a seasoned reader looking for a favourite article? Try these:

14 Travel Highlights From 2014 – Catch up quickly on the outstanding moments from this past year, and you’ll know what to expect from my writing in the foreseeable future. I spent a lot of time in India last year, so there will be no shortage of stories from the subcontinent. 

Reflecting on a Few Things: Optometry School is Like… – I’m currently a 2nd year optometry student. I’m passionate about global health and will one day travel all over the world bringing vision and ocular health services to those in need. Sometimes, though, the road is tough. 

How to Not Get Robbed Out There – The best advice I could ever give someone who is nervous about getting robbed while traveling. 

The Luckiest Girl – Friends are really important to me. My closest friends live far, far away, however. We all know what that means!

Lend Me Your Ears – Sometimes I love to share the feelings. This one is about taking a year off from school.

Step Onto the Hug Rug – I’ve got a guy, and he’s pretty special. As a traveler (and a student living away from home), we spend a lot of time apart. After making an epic round-the-world journey in 2013, we had an equally epic reunion at the airport. See if you can spot us in the video. 

Penises! – Because did you know there was a penis museum?

Escape From a Gulag! – Every now and then, I get into a sticky situation. This particular time just happened to be in Siberia, in the middle of nowhere. Eep!

How to Shop for a Lopapeysa – Going to Iceland? Read this!

I Learned My Lesson: Camping Still Sucks (One) – Sorry not sorry. I hate camping.

Winter Survival Guide – I always tell people they need to experience a Winnipeg winter. There’s nothing like this ball-grabbing, apocalyptic, survival-level freeze that falls over the city. First, come in the summer and fall in love, then come back in the winter to see what you’re made of. This is how to survive (and actually like it!).

A Very Special Sneak Peek – The Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg is now open, but back in December of 2012, I was privy to a pre-opening guided tour. I’m proud to be from Winnipeg and to have seen the museum in its early days. 

Recurring Dreams – I visited the World Trade Centre in New York City on September 1, 2001.

Fuck You, Cancer – Because this shit’s everywhere, and isn’t this what we’d like to say? In 2012, both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer. One day, I will be able to write about that and share the experience. I hope to help at least one other person who is going through that. 

Swimming in Baikal – For some lighter fare, there was that time I dipped my bits in the frigid waters of Lake Baikal. Twice.

Also: My grandpa is my best friend, the best human out there. Shout outs here and here

Also: I love to eat and write about it, even when the grub isn’t great (sorry not sorry Russia and Mongolia).

And: I love to take photos of people when I travel. Portraits are a wonderful way to remember a place.


So let’s be friends…

I want the world to be a kinder, smaller, gentler place. So please say hello. I’d love to be friends.


A big, massive thank you to my good friend Carl Shura for all his help with my banner!


  1. Colleen, I saw you left a comment on Audrey’s blog about the Ultimate Train Challenge. Shoot me an email and I will get you more info.

  2. Hi?! You said to say Hi so I…do wish I were in a foreign country to say this, but perhaps Southern Louisiana is close enough?! ;o)

    • Colleen

      Hi Sharon! Thanks for saying hello! Southern Louisiana sounds great… I’ve never seen the southern states, but would definitely love to!

  3. Hi Colleen, Just checked out your website as i noticed that you left a comment on mine. Really liking it so far although need to read some more of your posts as the internet is so slow to load things up at the moment. I think we feel the same about travel blogging though. I don’t like cornering myself with that term if that makes sense.

    • Colleen

      I definitely know what you mean!
      And thanks for stopping by. Hope you visit again. I know I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog!

  4. Hi Colleen, just found your blog now. I’m an optometrist currently working in Malawi so it’s a good career to travel with. A friend of mine from the states was heavily involved with VOSH and they did a lot of travelling during optometry chool/

    • Colleen

      Cool, thanks for taking the time to comment! Glad to hear that there is travel in sight… 😉
      Malawi is actually one of the places I was hoping to do an externship. I’ll have to bug you about that later. Keep in touch!

  5. Thanks for asking about the Wordless Wednesday series – send your choice pic (or a couple and I’ll choose) to my Gmail account – address should show in the backend of this comment

  6. Hi,

    I really enjoyed reading through your blog posts on Colleenbrynntravels.com. I got a real sense of enthusiasm and passion in each post. Actually, I run Travelingtripster.com, a blog about my travel experiences. If you’re interested, I would love to have you on as a guest blogger. Just shoot me quick a e-mail and we can begin this potentially exciting affiliation together. Looking forward to hearing from you.


  7. Hello to a fellow Colleen–stumbled across your blog today and had to follow someone w/ the same name! Can’t wait to see where you end up!

    • Colleen

      Oh, I’m so very glad! Tried to find your blog and came up empty handed… what’s your site? Thanks for stopping by – look forward to hearing from another Colleen a little more!!!

  8. You’re a points collector aren’t you…

  9. I love your blog’s new look! 😀

  10. Your site’s redesign inspires me to do the same. Bravo!

  11. GW Swain

    Nice blog. Oh and hi will follow for a while

  12. Kacie Jones

    Hey there!

    How are you doing today?
    I am Kacie and like you writing is my passion. It soothes me, somehow!
    Your blog,”colleenbrynntravels.com”is probably one of the most interesting ones I’ve seen recently and with due reason. Like minds I guess! I was also wondering if I could do a guest post for your blog.
    Looking forward to hear from you.


  13. Mike

    Hello! Nice blog you have. I’d be interested to hear a bit about the process of getting visas for train travel through Russia, and just how much they require you to stick to your travel plans. Some friends and I are planning to head overland from Singapore to Portugal next summer, and Russian bureaucracy seems for now to be the toughest roadblock. Can you inform me a bit of how it works? (I have US and EU Passports)

  14. Hi Colleen!
    Stumbled across your site while doing some last-minute research about Iceland, I’m leaving today 🙂 and loved the Lopapeysa article. Anyway not sure if you’re still writing (mine has trailed off but I’m hoping to get back on track), but would love to be in touch!

    • Colleen

      Hi Amanda, I hope you love Iceland! It’s magical there. I also hope you hunt down a good sweater.
      I’d love to be in touch too. Send me a message anytime!
      As for blogging, I really only post when the mood strikes as this is not a career for me. 🙂

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