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Beautiful Alien

Jul 5, 2016 by

  Capitol Reef National Park was my first taste of the strange landscapes and logic-defying combination of cute, fuzzy plants, sheer rock faces, saturated red earth, ancient petroglyphs and resilient cacti. While driving through the park, I continuously leaned forward in my seat, and repeatedly said, “Weeeeird.” Mind blown. Never have I seen textures, colours and life forms in this unusual cocktail before. On the one hand, that’s not saying much; coming from the Canadian prairies, a cactus excites me. On the other hand, Capitol Reef is world class, and I would recommend it to anyone given a fraction of a chance.  Truly, I was transported from planet Earth. I could have been anywhere: Mars, Planet X, a place even my overactive imagination couldn’t procure. I still have lots to share from Capitol Reef and Utah’s other...

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Nature’s Broken Gifts

Feb 20, 2016 by

They come rushing, tumbling out of the briny water, crashing over one another. They settle, broken and imperfect, in piles on the sand. Many people take their morning power walk, crunching them underfoot. Others, like me, find the therapy in their presence.     I could do this for hours: hunting for shells. I find a nearly inexplicable pleasure from the task of meandering down the beach, eyes strained on the ground before and around me, desperately hoping for a treasure. The more I hunt for shells, the better it gets. With each passing minute, and eventually, hour, the more I enjoy the process, the more my skills – if you can call them that – are honed. I liken the process to some learning I have done in optometry school: cortical adaptation. Just...

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Though It’s Been Said Many Times, Many Ways…...

Dec 5, 2015 by

  Currently looking forward to: Drinks with my favourite, beautiful cousins. All the rum nog with my dad. Being somewhere frigidly and bitingly cold. Staying warm by the fire (probably with rum nog). Smelling the Christmas tree. Hearing the crunch of snow under my feet. Squeezing my grandparents. Squeezing my little baby niece who gets cuter by the day. Wrapping presents (probably with rum nog). Having my mum cook for me. Spending all day wrapped in a snuggie, sporting cozy slippers. Cross-country skiing with a friend. Baking (probably with rum nog). The noise of a full house on Christmas Eve. The smell of incense at midnight mass (if we stay awake for it this year). Christmas music on Christmas morning, eggs Benedict and hot coffee.   Day to day, I don’t have a problem...

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Knockers In Bruges

Jul 24, 2015 by

  The colours. The shapes. The vast variety. Walking through the old part of Bruges was a real treat. Sorry if these weren’t the knockers you were hoping for. ____________________________________________________________________ Find (and like) my Facebook page for bloggity updates, and follow me on twitter and Instagram...

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Yellow in Yellowstone

Jun 22, 2015 by

Between a couple false starts, some technical difficulties (namely, my laptop sitting in a pool of water beside an open window after a storm) and a TRIP TO YELLOWSTONE, things have been beyond busy for me. I’m also working full time, practicing to become a freaking doctor yo, and working on a pretty major writing project outside of my blog. So I’m going to ease my way in to this with a nice, gentle post about my most recent trip to Yellowstone. The theme: yellow.     Have you ever been to Yellowstone? What have you been up to lately? Give me the goss, people. ____________________________________________________________________ Don’t forget to like my Facebook page for all the latest updates and photos, and follow me on twitter and Instagram...

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A Trip To Greenwich

May 20, 2015 by

We motored through London to get to the boat that would take us down the Thames to a new destination: Greenwich. I followed my cousin’s London-seasoned legs, the legs of someone who had been living there for months and was sufficiently confident with the city to be irritated with the vast number of tourists to ugly-face photobomb their pictures whilst walking. Yes, I was a tourist too, but we weren’t dawdling. We were on a mission.   We opted to travel via Thames Clipper rather than City Cruise for slightly more flexible departures and to save a bit of dough. There are many ways to get to Greenwich, and I would definitely recommend taking a boat! It was a fantastic way to glimpse the city in a new way and experience the world-famous river (and even...

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