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Smiles Of Malawi

Dec 11, 2016 by

  Malawi, known as the warm heart of Africa, did not disappoint in its claim. In many places I travel, I manage to snap a few portraits, and when I share them, it’s as “Faces Of…” Sometimes I capture smiles and bright faces in those portraits, sometimes I don’t. In Malawi, however, a friendly smile was never far away. And the people there loved to have their photo taken. I was happy to oblige. Since we’re entering the Christmas season, I thought I’d spread a little cheer from those warm smiles, those warm hearts of Africa.       I hope you’re all smiling now! ____________________________________________________________________ Please like my Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter & Instagram too!...

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Visiting Mumbai’s Slums

Dec 29, 2015 by

  For anyone who has been to India, you will know that it’s the kind of place that stays with you long after you leave. I went there for over two months in 2014, and I still think about my time there, probably on a daily basis. When I went to Goa, I stayed with Rachel, who writes Hippie In Heels. Yesterday morning, I woke up to en email notification for a pingback to a post I’d written about her dog, Huck. After investigating the reason for this email, I saw that she’d written a post called “17 Travel Bloggers You’d Be Crazy Not To Follow In 2016” and I made the list! Go check it out… Rachel said some pretty dang nice things about me. *blushing like crazy* After seeing this, I decided...

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The “Last” Summer

Jul 7, 2015 by

One of the biggest perks of being a student is having summers off. Of course, my summers off have never truly been “off”. I have used them for summer co-op placements throughout my undergrad or for traveling intensely (see the summer I went to the Caribbean and Europe and then went by train through Siberia and finished in Mongolia and Hong Kong). This summer is no different. In optometry school at the University of Waterloo, the summer between second and third year is the final summer free to behave like a reckless youth. Once third year is over, externships begin – for some, only a few days after final exams in April. As such, I am trying to make the most of these short summer months I have. Not only am I trying to...

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Indian Heat

May 29, 2015 by

  It was just over a year ago that I was leaving India to travel to Nepal, Qatar and Europe. During that time, I felt the heat build. The temperatures went from hot during the day but comfortable for sleeping at night to atrociously hot during the day and unbearable for sleeping at night. Each night, I would wake up 4 or 5 times, completely soaking, and I would flip my pillow over, rotate myself to the other half of the bed and start anew. I can only imagine what the heat must feel like now, the heat that has resulted in a death toll of nearly 2000. My blog is typically not one that relays or discusses current events. I prefer to stick to the lighter side of life, to the stories that have...

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Girl Goes To Russia

May 23, 2015 by

  I haven’t been on the subtle side of describing how difficult my trip through Russia was back in 2013. When I think back on that trip, the feelings are not warm or fond. I felt relief to leave the country, and I hold firmly that I will likely never go back. The logic is that there are too many places to visit and far too little time in one life, so while I don’t argue there is no value in travel to Russia, it is not where my travel priorities lie. I want to see Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, Japan… I want to see Mauritius, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa… I want to see more of South America… I want to go back to Spain, Denmark, Ireland, India. There is too much world...

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Special Places: U Olgi

Mar 18, 2015 by

When I look at the map on my wall, I can’t believe the places I’ve been. Yes, much of Africa and Asia remain bare, and still there is so so much of Central and South America I am dying to see, but I’ve been to some pretty neato places and done some pretty neato things. I’ve done cartwheels in front of the moai of Easter Island, I celebrated Holi with Indian kids in Mumbai, and I went for a couple of body-numbing dips in Lake Baikal. Almost daily, I’m plagued with the thought of all the things I want to do and see and experience; life is just so short. “So many trips, so little time,” I quite often lament to my boyfriend. Despite that, I remain firm in my gratitude for what is...

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