People Of Orchha

Nov 9, 2014 by

Ah, the kind and smiling people of Orchha did help paint my experience in this place full of mysteries…     My favourite photos are these last two – shy, quiet child looking for approval and encouragement from his kind and supportive mother, then the tentative portrait that follows. These people were unforgettable. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Which is your favourite photo? Don’t forget to like my Facebook page (I’m almost at 300 likes and haven’t bought a single one!), and follow me on twitter and Instagram too! Let’s be...

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Mehndi By Mandha

May 1, 2014 by

The soft and sweet-spicy smell of the henna floated up to my nose. Her baby suckled away underneath the folds of her sari. Every now and then, she would look up at me with her misaligned eyes and smile, asking “This nice?” Each time, I would smile back and say, “Yes.” The 2 cones we bought together cost me 20 rupees, less than 50 Canadian cents. Mandha, the young mother who diligently squeezed henna from the green cone, toiled for hours, yet refused any form of payment. I was told not to give money (because money can be misused or taken away by a husband or family member) but to give something tangible for her personal use. I offered to buy her bindis when she touched the hanging selection beside the henna cones at the shop....

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What India Has Been

Apr 26, 2014 by

The real heat has been setting in over the last several days, a heat heavy and lethargic, preparing everyone to be grateful for the rains of monsoon season. I was not made for these temperatures and this setting. I have always known this, and whenever I venture somewhere stiflingly hot, I approach the experience (on some level) as a personal challenge. The other day, despite sufficient water consumption and even some Gatorade for the electrolytes, I found myself dizzy, heart racing, arms beginning to feel tingly, the first stage of numbness. All I wanted was to lie down, but I knew this wouldn’t stop the unpleasant sensations, so I forced myself to walk to an air-conditioned cafe. As I surveyed the menu for something sans caffeine, the man behind the counter said, “Can I...

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The Sky Is Falling

Apr 23, 2014 by

  I admit, if having favourites makes someone a bad teacher, then I would be the worst of them all. One of my favourites stole my heart away immediately with his obnoxious whistling. He and a friend have devised a way to pull their lips down, looking like complete goofs, creating a space between lips and teeth that makes a piercing whistle. He has also recently learned how to two-finger whistle (a skill of which I am particularly jealous and even tried to learn through youtube several months ago but only came out with slobbery fingers, gross). His whistling techniques are not particularly easy on the ears, though, so I showed him how I can loon-call with my cupped hands, to which he responded with wide eyes and by immediately trying to mimic my...

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Photo Bomb-ay

Apr 5, 2014 by

See what I did there?     Just so things don’t get too heavy, and so that we can remember the lighter side of life, I give you this. I took this photo on a recent night out in Mumbai. When I went through my photos later, I burst out laughing upon taking a closer look. Someone is either not having a very good night or really wanted to be in this photo. Do you have any surprise appearances like this in your photos? ____________________________________________________________________________________ Hey… don’t be shy; let’s be friends – like my facebook page, and follow me...

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Faces Of Mumbai

Mar 30, 2014 by

Indian people are striking. Over the past month of living in Mumbai, I have been observing the people around me, and I can now conclude that the word for Indian people is striking. I have always known Indians to be beautiful (my gorgeous Indian-Canadian friends over the years have been proof enough), but now getting to see so many of them each day confirms my findings. Here then, are some of my favourite portrait shots from my time here so far (and a little bit about the story behind the photo). 1. The lady by the fruit…   This lady was kind enough to allow me to take a photo of her, although I could tell she was a little shy. I was drawn to her incredible jewellery; just look at that nose ring!...

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