We Ate Ireland

Sep 30, 2015 by

  After the first night of all the Guinness, we were starving. Our walk back to the airbnb took us through Temple Bar area. Normally (and especially after such wonderful recommendations from our friends), I would avoid stopping in such a high tourist area to eat, but we were both happy where we ended up: Elephant & Castle. We each had a bowl of the prawn, coconut milk and lemongrass soup, and we shared some spare ribs with a molasses ginger glaze and the herb frites with sage and rosemary.     I also got weirdly excited about the presence of this sign hanging in the restaurant (incidentally, while they were trying to clean up and close):     After a morning of walking, Trinity College and the Book of Kells, we were ravenous, and...

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Gluten-Free In Europe?

Aug 5, 2015 by

I went to France, land of crepes and croissants, and Belgium, land of wheat beer and waffles, and like a crazy person, chose to pursue a gluten-free diet. Since I decided to cut out gluten a year ago, I wondered what it would be like to travel overseas, particularly somewhere laden with all the gluten. In Paris, the pastries, the giant pretzels, the croissants, the eclairs, the breads – were surprisingly easy to walk away from. That is likely because I am now used to turning my back on the fluff-alicious yumminess after a year of practice, but I did see bread and bread products everywhere, and it made the idea of grabbing a quick snack almost impossible. So what does one actually eat(!?) in Belgium and France when gluten is not an option? Well, it takes...

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A Trip To Greenwich

May 20, 2015 by

We motored through London to get to the boat that would take us down the Thames to a new destination: Greenwich. I followed my cousin’s London-seasoned legs, the legs of someone who had been living there for months and was sufficiently confident with the city to be irritated with the vast number of tourists to ugly-face photobomb their pictures whilst walking. Yes, I was a tourist too, but we weren’t dawdling. We were on a mission.   We opted to travel via Thames Clipper rather than City Cruise for slightly more flexible departures and to save a bit of dough. There are many ways to get to Greenwich, and I would definitely recommend taking a boat! It was a fantastic way to glimpse the city in a new way and experience the world-famous river (and even...

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Special Places: U Olgi

Mar 18, 2015 by

When I look at the map on my wall, I can’t believe the places I’ve been. Yes, much of Africa and Asia remain bare, and still there is so so much of Central and South America I am dying to see, but I’ve been to some pretty neato places and done some pretty neato things. I’ve done cartwheels in front of the moai of Easter Island, I celebrated Holi with Indian kids in Mumbai, and I went for a couple of body-numbing dips in Lake Baikal. Almost daily, I’m plagued with the thought of all the things I want to do and see and experience; life is just so short. “So many trips, so little time,” I quite often lament to my boyfriend. Despite that, I remain firm in my gratitude for what is...

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Hot Noodles: A Reykjavik Treat...

Jan 24, 2015 by

June in Iceland: damp and chilly. The cold goes straight to the bones.     The day was long and satisfying, filled with waterfalls and tiny churches and geysers. At the end of it all, we wanted to shake the cold. We wandered around Reykjavik, dismayed by the high prices, reluctant to spring on a fancy meal. Then we saw the sign – the image of our reward. The Noodle Station. With a silent nod of agreement, we walked in.     Worn out from the cold, we barely spoke, apart from our orders. Then we sat down with our hot, steaming bowls of spicy beef noodles and felt the warmth seep back into our skin and bones. I looked around us and saw the article written on the restaurant in the New York...

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Arizona Treats

Dec 21, 2014 by

“When was your last period?” she asked her daughter, seeing how her belly protruded. “Mum, I just ate some bread, give me a break.” Is one story. Or there’s me, and I accidentally had some soy sauce in a salad dressing at a restaurant, and only a couple hours later, was sure I was about to give birth. Yes, gluten, guys. During my year off from school, I’ve really taken the time to look after myself. My initial motivator was due to my trouble skin. I’ve almost always had unpredictable skin, and as I am nearing 30 (*eep*), I’ve decided enough is enough. No topical creams or fancy face washes have cut it. The problem is obviously on the inside of my body, not on the outside. Western medicine had no idea what I was...

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