14 Travel Highlights From 2014

Dec 31, 2014 by

I’ve got a lot of travel-specific highlights from this year, those brief moments of exhilaration that come and go swiftly and smoothly but stick around forever. Here are my top 14, in chronological order. 1. My first morning in India. People were staring, I was terrified and nervous, but I was also exited, happy and knew I was exactly where I was meant to be. 2. Being a superstar downtown, Mumbai. I’d heard over and over how Indians stop non-Indians for photos. I’d also read not to stop for every single request, or there will be a mob in no time. My first time downtown, lots of people asked for photos – some fathers were even shoving their babies at me (which was a bit weird!). This lady’s husband asked for a photo of me with his wife,...

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Again And Again And Again

Nov 29, 2014 by

I was actually nominated twice(!) to participate in this blogger contest relay, once by my friend Rika (Cubicle Throwdown) and once by the lovely Shing (The Culture Map). These are two blogs that I LOVE, and the ladies behind the content are equally charming and magnetic, so to be nominated by them is an honour! The gist is that I am to write about 5 places I would love to return to as part of Booked.net – Top Destinations to Go There contest. I then tag 5 bloggers to carry on the race to the finish line. The prize is an iPhone 6, and since my phone is just about tapped in all regards, this would be a good one to win. It’s perfectly wonderful to fall so in love with a place to want to visit again...

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The Indian Curse? *Part Three*

Nov 23, 2014 by

It has been several weeks since I first published this story, and not 10 hours later, took it down. It has been waiting in my draft folder since. I unfortunately crossed a line when I originally published, and that was never my intention. It is never my intention to cause hurt with my writing, although I understand that this can sometimes happen. Whenever I share something it is with the idea that I might, in some way, help just one other person… be it with encouragement on traveling somewhere like India or Mongolia or by dabbling in alternative forms of healing and being. In this post, you will read about a cleansing ritual. When I wrote this, I forgot that I wasn’t supposed to share this intimate detail. When I hit publish, this was one of my...

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Goodbye Huck

Oct 10, 2014 by

  A couple of weeks ago, I received the sad news that my friend’s dog, Huckleberry Finn, had passed away. He was an Indian rescue dog and lived with one one of my favourite bloggers, Rachel. This girl single-handedly prepared me for my journey to India with her direct and detailed posts about life and living there. After I’d arrived, we shared some brief discussion about my potentially visiting Goa, where she resides. At one moment, I didn’t think this trip would be feasible, and then I found out (thanks to India’s various holidays) I would have an extended weekend. I was encouraged by the organization I was volunteering with in Mumbai to take the trip to Goa. When Rachel invited me to stay with her, I responded with a quick and easy yes....

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I Put On Eyeliner & A Bindi...

Sep 30, 2014 by

After two months of volunteering in Mumbai, I had allowed myself to revert to coping solely with my baser needs. You know – food, water, shelter. Other things like feelings or makeup didn’t really fit into the equation. Although for some inexplicable reason, I insisted on applying powder every morning whilst beads of sweat formed on my upper lip. Perhaps I was trying to grasp desperately to what I had once known to be normal. Once my two months were over, allowing myself to actually feel pretty was a nice change. If you want to see my sweaty and decidedly not pretty self, just watch this video. Natural beauty, I am not. While I traveled for two weeks in the comfort of air conditioned buses and hotels with hot showers and no cockroaches, I actually enjoyed letting my...

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The Indian Curse? *Part Two*

Aug 17, 2014 by

  By the end of April, the heat was stagnant and more than suffocating. Each morning, by 7:30 am, while I uselessly applied powder to my face, beads of sweat collected on my upper lip. Every night I was impaled on the residual heat of the day, my bed a mattress of coals, the air that of an oven. I would wake two or three times per night, the sheets and pillows would be soaked with my perspiration, and I would flip the pillow over, shift to another part of my small mattress and try again. In the last week of living in Mumbai, I began to pack my things. I set aside several items to be shipped separately, and I chose carefully the items that would join me on my journey through India,...

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