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Again And Again And Again

Nov 29, 2014 by

I was actually nominated twice(!) to participate in this blogger contest relay, once by my friend Rika (Cubicle Throwdown) and once by the lovely Shing (The Culture Map). These are two blogs that I LOVE, and the ladies behind the content are equally charming and magnetic, so to be nominated by them is an honour! The gist is that I am to write about 5 places I would love to return to as part of Booked.net – Top Destinations to Go There contest. I then tag 5 bloggers to carry on the race to the finish line. The prize is an iPhone 6, and since my phone is just about tapped in all regards, this would be a good one to win. It’s perfectly wonderful to fall so in love with a place to want to visit again...

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A Study Of Sky (Two)

Jan 21, 2014 by

“Things are getting better,” he said. Several empty beer bottles sat on the table in front of us. A trail of smoke rose from his cigarette leaning nonchalantly in the ashtray. I could just make out the clinking of the chips from our backgammon game over the sounds of the jungle and the sporadic downpours around us. I took a sip of my beer, the bottle sweating profusely in my hand. He spoke in grand terms, on a global scale, of our planet’s collective conscience. Things are getting better. He smiled confidently, took a long drag of his cigarette and politely blew the smoke away from me. He rolled the dice. Look almost anywhere on the internet these days – blogs of all nature, trend articles, celebrity pages – and you will see talk of “living...

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Remembering Easter Island

Feb 9, 2013 by

Three years ago, I went to Easter Island, and it changed my life. Going to this place gave me the energy and inspiration I needed to get through a tough 2 years of schooling in order to get to where I am now. If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you will know that Easter Island is a very special place to me, and I’ve done a lot of thinking about why that is. I will let those reasons remain more or less private for now, and instead I will share a poem I wrote shortly after I got home from South America in 2010. I never shared it publicly until a couple of weeks ago during a coffee house we held at school as a fundraiser for the...

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Witty And Honest, Golly!

Jul 12, 2012 by

Rano Raraku, Rapa Nui, Chile Ever wonder why I love Easter Island so much? Check out my very first guest feature over at That...

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There In The Window

Jun 24, 2012 by

I’ve developed something of a sixth sense for Easter Island memorabilia. It’s as if I already know it’s there, around the corner, hidden among other treasures, or under a sheet, as in the case of the moai head in Edmonton (pictured below).After our fun at The Saloon in San Francisco, Kathy, Janet and I headed up the hilly streets back to their car. Hallelujah, I was getting a ride back to the hostel! I had walked uphill for thirty minutes to meet them at the beginning of the night. Along the way back to the car, we lost Kathy to a bakery (that story coming), and when she rejoined us, Janet and I were parked in front of this window. We had been admiring the smorgasbord of objects and paraphernalia, matched and mismatched and...

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May 7, 2012 by

Ahu Tahai, Rapa Nui There really was something special in the air. I admit, I have been thinking of evenings and friends like this a lot...

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