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SAS #8 Achilles The Super Hero

Feb 17, 2012 by

Photos from Leiden, the Netherlands With a name like Achilles, it should come as no surprise that this man is pretty much a bona fide super hero. I asked him if he’d met any special women lately. He told me his “seek and destroy mode is not on.” When waiting for trains, he could decipher train times and information too far away for the typical mortal to read. He told me, “I have Superman vision.” And when it comes to serving ones country, this is top priority with Achilles. At any given moment, if I was unsure about something we were discussing, Achilles would exclaim, “Do it for your country.” Not sure how that made any sense with my uncertainties, I clarified what he meant for me to do, “Just… whatever?” His answer was...

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SAS #7, Turkish Delight

Dec 8, 2011 by

If the last post of Shit Achilles Says is any indication of what I will share with you, imagine what I won’t share with you…  Now, onto today’s post. Cumin lamb on French bread with Greek yogurt and mint leaves After a nice, long, relaxing day in Leiden of giant breakfasts and snacks from the market and lazing by the river eating cherries in warm air and warm breeze, it was time to start thinking about dinner. It didn’t take long before Achilles and his friends started talking about the cumin lamb that Achilles makes, and then once it was brought up, they wouldn’t stop talking about how amazing it is.  On our walk back from the park, we stopped into a little Turkish convenience store to load up on the goods. Achilles manned the lamb...

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SAS #6 and the Full Boner.

Nov 1, 2011 by

“I would get intimidated fighting a guy with a full boner.” Late night Leiden, going for snacks. I think the story went that someone was staying in a hostel, and said person walked in on a couple having sex. Someone got upset about the interruption and then two guys eventually ended up duking it out, one with a “full boner”.  I thought I could better get your attention by starting with Achilles’ insight on the matter. The...

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SAS #5 and Wooden Shoes

Oct 30, 2011 by

The fact that I was in Leiden on an incredibly sunny weekend was a blessing. The fact that there were nice people waiting for me there, poetry all over the buildings, bikes decorating the city, the sounds of water everywhere and plenty of delicious food to eat also made the trip easy to enjoy. As another way to enjoy all that the Netherlands has to offer, Achilles and I were discussing the possibility of me purchasing some custom wooden shoes while I was there. Unfortunately, I ended up running out of time and didn’t get them. Achilles’ comment on those wooden shoes was that “your feet smell like hell after. It’s just wood and feet juice.” Somehow, I’m still tempted to one day own custom wooden shoes from the...

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SAS #4 and Faces of Leiden

Oct 1, 2011 by

I don’t think it’s been because of my transition into studying science last year that makes me think the way I think. What do I mean? Well, when I see a new baby, I don’t see a person, I see a sperm and an egg, and my mind is blown. I’ve always thought like this. The developmental mechanics of creating another human being are a psychological trip. I guess what studying science has done has just given me the proper vocabulary to express what I see when I see a baby. I can’t look at one without seeing a morula and a blastula and an archenteron forming and the three layers of tissue (ecto-, meso- and endoderm) developing into their respective body parts and functions. Having Achilles around reminds me that there are other...

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SAS #3 aka Achilles on Swass

Sep 20, 2011 by

Shortly after I arrived in Leiden, we dropped off my stuff and took a short walk to a cafe for a snack and to enjoy the beautiful weather we’d been blessed with for the duration of my visit. As we sat down, and I pondered the heat, I asked Achilles, “Is it wrong that I want a beer?” Since it was maybe a little early for a beer, his reply was just what I needed: curt and approving. “No, it’s perfectly legit. You need a beer.” Why, yes. Yes I do need a beer. So that is what we did for the better part of the afternoon. Sat. Drank beer. Achilles ordered food. His friends joined us. We had more beer. Achilles ordered more food. The sun shone. More food. Plenty of good conversation and...

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