Danish People, Crayfish, Nachos, And… Kurt Browning???

Jul 16, 2012 by

 I had a wonderful weekend with my Danish family. The Danes have being cozy down to an art, and whenever I’m with them, I can’t help but feel cozy in any situation, be it floating in the water with a beer, fishing for crayfish, or munching on bison meat nachos on a picnic table overlooking the lake. 
I’ve loved this time I’ve had to catch up with them. I hope to have more time with them in the future: my dream trip next summer includes a detour to Denmark, not only to see them but to see my dear friend Anna who is having a baby this year. I consider her a sister, and therefore her child I consider my niece or nephew, and I just can’t wait to meet the little bubby.
On a somewhat related yet unrelated note, I want to mention what a delight it was to hear the Danish banter this weekend. I loved trying to figure out what they were saying and recalling words and expressions I learned when I lived in Denmark. I’ve always said that if I could have any super power in the whole world it would be able to speak any language and dialect that ever existed, so that I would be able to communicate with anyone who crossed my path (flying comes in at a close second). So while not being able to fully understand them or communicate with them in Danish was a tad irksome, more than anything, it was fun to be around the throaty and bouncy Danish language. And they do, of course, speak nearly perfect English. I just wondered over the weekend if it might have been a good idea to have pulled out my old Danish notes and brushed up beforehand. 
Oh, and Kurt Browning? That souvenir dish was at a store we went into in Kenora called the Blue Heron. I’m wishing now that I had checked the price on that bad boy. …Because aren’t we all dying to know?

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