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For now, more trees. More shrubs, more bushes, more leaves, more branches, more insects marching in a row.

For now, I conserve my brain cells (and grander thoughts) for the upcoming 2 weeks of 7 final exams I have to write.

For now, enjoy these photos of Doha, Qatar. The Middle East is a place that remains a mystery to many Westerners, and still to me even though I have visited. I would love to return, to visit my friends in Qatar again, to see Dubai, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman, Iran, Jordan, Israel. I just want to see it all.

Have you ever visited the Middle East?


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  1. “Winter Wonderland” in Qatar… the Canadian you laughed, right? 😉

    These dry fruits look delicious.

  2. Lovely pictures! 🙂

  3. The souk was closed when I was in Qatar, loos like I missed something! Good luck with your exams!!!

    • Colleen

      The souk was definitely a sight! I’m wishing I’d bought some souvenirs, but I was probably smart not to, space considering!

  4. Egypt was one of the first countries Ewan and I travelled to together (his dad was working there at the time) so we got to spend a month there, and a month in the UAE a few years later, living ‘like a local’ and having a side trip to Jordan. I loved it. Those three countries are so different, I would love to go to back and explore the ones I haven’t been to yet. It’s an amazing area of the world.

    • Colleen

      That sounds like the most amazing trip to take, especially with an insider perspective, local or not! The more I read blogs of people who have been, the more I want to go. Not to mention, my time in Qatar only has me more intrigued.

  5. I love the Middle East! I wish to go back (I have travelled to Israel, Palestine and Jordan). The culture, the food, the desert, I love everything about it!

    • Colleen

      Wow, that sounds like it would be an amazing trip. Having just touched down in the Middle East, I don’t blame you for wanting to go back.

  6. Firstly, I hope you sail through your exams Colleen!

    I’m interested to know more of your thoughts on Doha, and what you’d recommend doing there… I spent 8 hours in the airport and really wanted to go into the city but I arrived at midnight so just got really, really, acquainted with the airport instead!

    I love Middle Eastern food, and it’s a region I really would like to know better. I fell in love with Jordan a few years back (how can you not?), and now I have my eyes on Oman!

    • Colleen

      My time in Doha was really unique as I went there to visit friends. I did do touristy stuff – the souk, some shopping, some dining, the museum and what not, but my time there was really about spending time with my friends. I would definitely go back. Supposedly there are some desert-specific activities (dune bashing? camels!) that are great but that I/we just hadn’t planned for. I also ate like a queen when I was there, so I would go back just for the food! It was SO good!
      Let’s go!

  7. nice! Qatar is still on my list…

  8. I haven’t been to the Middle East but I’d like to. Good luck with your exams, Colleen!

    • Colleen

      Thank you Joella! There is so much of the Middle East I have to discover…

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