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When I lived in England from 2004-2005, I made two very special friends: Victor from Brasil and Ruben from Mexico. They were living in Coventry, and I was living in Peterborough. I visited them almost every weekend I had off. Time that could have been spent visiting new/historic/famous places throughout England was spent building these two friendships. I’m so grateful I met them when I did; we were there for each other at a pretty formative time in our lives. I know I will always have a place for these two boys in my heart and am comforted to know they will have a little place carved out for me in their own hearts.
Sometimes weeks or months go by that we don’t speak. Then out of the blue, a little message comes (or goes) asking how I am, how he is, how they are, and it’s like nothing ever changed, like there was never any distance between us.
Friendship like that is special.
In 2008, I visited Ruben in Mexico City, where he is from. I stayed with his family, spoke Spanish with his mum every morning, met his friends, drank tequila with his friends, went to parties with his friends, and by the end of it, I felt I’d adopted them as my own friends. 
I also visited Victor in Brasil in 2009 for New Year’s Eve and spent a subsequent 2 weeks there with him.
I’m still nagging at them to get up to Canada for a visit. 
I wrote this post about Ruben’s friend Daniel. It just so happens (or as luck would have it), Daniel has been living in California for a while now and told me he goes to San Francisco all the time. We’ve already planned to overdose on Mexican food together.
I can’t wait. Sara will be there. Kathy will be there. Daniel will be there. Francis will be there. They are friends that I didn’t expect to see at all this year, but in 3 days, there we all will be. Together. 
South America was calling me earlier this year. It was cancelled because of cancer. Because I trusted my gut, I didn’t book that trip before the diagnosis was in. I wasn’t stuck cancelling a trip or changing plans. I was lucky in that regard.
South America was calling me earlier this year. It’s still calling me… but for now, the call from California is louder.

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