Fried Exam Brain & A Hockey Game

Apr 20, 2013 by

My apologies, I’ve been swallowed by finals.

On Monday, however, I’m liberated, “free as a lark”, as my grandma has said, and the first thing I’m doing to celebrate my freedom is going to Buffalo with 4 friends in a packed car for a Jets game. With this fun just around the corner, I’m going to share with you my tips for successfully crossing the border for a one night hockey affair.

IMG_1819 - Version 2

1. Don’t forget your passport. Obvious, right? But when Cain and I went to the Buffalo-Montreal game several weeks ago, we both had that Oh Shit moment earlier in the day; we realized we hadn’t even thought about needing our passports. We took it for granted that the game was a short road trip away, and I’ve never needed a passport to go to a hockey game before, so it didn’t occur to me until the day of the game to make sure my passport was stashed where I normally have it. Luckily, this realization came with plenty of time to spare.

2. Have American money. Ugh, I sound like I’ve never travelled before. In my defence, I thought I could just get by with my bank cards, as I’ve never had problems with them before, but when we got there, we saw that parking was cash only. I sent Cain inside to see if he could take money out of the ATM, but he quickly ran back and told me his card didn’t work. So I tried my luck, but my bank card didn’t work either. Luckily, I had a second bank card on hand. I wasn’t hopeful, given the failure of my first card and Cain’s card, but I really did luck out, and my card pulled through for us. Cain has since told me that when he went back later for another game, he learned that you can also pay in Canadian dollars, but they charge a bit more. Good to know.

Also in my defence for these two embarrassing brain farts, I was either in the middle of midterms or just finished midterms and likely completely brain dead. Kind of like now.

IMG_1889 - Version 2
3. Print your tickets. This is more of a reminder for myself so that I don’t forget to do this before Monday.

4. Have some car snacks prepared for the ride. I wasn’t hungry when I packed them, but boy I’m glad I did, and I know Cain was glad too. It took us over 2 hours to get there, so it was nice to have something to tide us over until we got to the arena.

5. When you get to the arena, don’t, I repeat, do NOT order the burritos. I almost wish I had just packed more car snacks. I had packed crackers, hummus and vegetables, but snack is all that was. By the time second period came around, we were both getting peckish, and for some reason, the burrito sounded like a great idea. Wait, a hockey arena burrito? Who ever said that was a good idea? Cain and I instantly regretted this decision to get burritos. They weren’t the typical burrito, and this was evidently the problem. They were made with chicken, there were no beans in sight, and they were doused in a blue cheese cream sauce. Normally, I like a nice strong cheese, but please, not on my burrito! Both our taste buds and roiling insides were displeased with us.

Once again, I find myself with fried exam brain, so tell me, am I missing any super obvious tips?

Having said that, my friends and I are in the process of preparing something for the game on Monday which is almost sure to get us on TV, so don’t miss the game! I suggest you watch my Facebook page on Monday, because that is where I will be sharing our brilliant plan.

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  1. Love ice hockey. One of the most graceful and challenging sports out there. Don’t believe me? Jump in a pair of skates and try to STOP that 1/2 pound biscuit hurtling toward your head at 150 mph.

    Hey don’t be so hard on yourself Colleen. Passports weren’t required between our countries until what… 2009? So you probably grew up x-border scootin’ with just an ID or driver’s license. While our countries have distinct differences they are similar enough that it’d be easy to forget.

    Glad to read it all worked out and you didn’t miss the toss and face-off.

    • Colleen

      Yeah I forget that we’ve only required passports recently…
      And I completely agree about hockey. Super graceful. I love watching and playing. 🙂

      • I have to admit I am one who will jump up if a fight breaks out and scream “Blood on the Ice” – but I think that happens more often with the farm teams.

  2. Nice! Have fun in Buffalo! Hope Jets win.
    By the way, Im watching game against Islanders right now… 3:3… Go Jets!

  3. Too cute that you crossed the border for hokey! I would so do it for baseball.

    • Colleen

      Well let me know if you are ever in Toronto for a game (or otherwise) and I’ll come and hang out with you!

  4. Packing sandwiches and snacks is always a great idea! I hate getting stuck in traffic waiting to cross the border. It’s not a good feeling to be hungry and being asked questions by the border agent. I feel too irritated.

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