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Goodbye 2012, Hello New Year

Jan 1, 2013 by

New Years is a lot of things for a lot of people, but to me it is a funny day. I don’t make New Years resolutions, I don’t make lists of things I want to change or improve upon or accomplish. And while I like to mark the occasion in some way, I don’t even feel the need for a big party with noisemakers, sparkly hats and red lipstick. Although, it appears that that’s how I usually end up acknowledging a change in calendar year.
New Years is a funny thing, and ultimately, the event is just another day. Yet, there really is something special about it, and I was never really able to properly express or understand how I felt about New Years until I read this quote by Stephanie of evencleveland:
I began this week with the image of an open blank book. New year, fresh starts, etc. Wrinkled printed pages and messy sheets followed. We are not pristine and blank. We are crumpled pages, but this is the time of year we smooth ourselves out and try to find a new leaf, or at least space in the margins. The sense of beginning again in the middle. Making do and trying to do better. Carrying on with whatever we carry, with a pause to adjust the load.It’s a nice feeling.

What are your thoughts on New Years?
Here is some video from New Year’s Eve 2011, when we rang in the year we’ve just let go.
I have plenty of photos and video from last night’s event that will be fun to share.
Happy New Year to everyone, and a million thank you’s for all your comments and words and friendship. May this new year in the middle of many bring a sense of hope, fresh beginnings, fun and always, travel.

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  1. I just love NYE celebrations and I always make a lot of plans for the following years (some of them remain plans).
    Happy New Year Colleen

  2. Have spent a lovely 20 minutes looking at photos and reading stories on your blog. Hope 2013 is the best yet.

  3. Gotta say it Colleen, this is the best post touching on the new year. I’m glad Stephanie’s piece resonated with you or I’d never have read it and also glad I did… it resonates with me too.

    Here’s to finding “space in the margins” throughout 2013. *raises glass to Colleen* *grin*

    • Colleen

      I’m so glad it resonated with you. Connecting with people through blogging is my favourite thing!.. just like when traveling. 🙂 I hope you stop by again.
      By the way, I just found your blog today and I have to say… love the concept!

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