I Ate (& Drank) it in Denmark

Jul 28, 2011 by

Who doesn’t like food!?
Well, there is a lot to enjoy in this post…

They don’t have chocolate milk quite like in Canada. 
Here I am with the Danish version of chocolate milk waiting for an early morning train. 
Breakfast in Vordingborg on our way to the Goose Tower (1000 years old!): a soy chocolate drink.
Not in Denmark…
A snack at the Chicago airport: Orangina, milk (for the cookies?), carrots (why?!) and gingersnaps made by my wonderful Gram. They didn’t last very long regardless of how hard I tried to save them.

A Mexican themed dinner with some friends in Aalborg.
I remember that this night I taught them the expression “to break the seal”… a charming Canadian expression.

To get to know ones roommates, it is common to have what is called a Tour de Chambre. Each person’s room has a different theme, and then everyone goes from room to room, enjoying the themes and breaking the ice.
This was a Tour de Chambre at my friend Heval’s residence.
The theme of this room was All Disgusting Things.
It included warm beer, pork rinds (which some people go crazy for) and then something which is hidden behind the bottles on the plate. I don’t know what it was, and they wouldn’t even tell me what it was, not even after I ate it. It was fishy and mustard-y and extremely slimy.
Moving on.

Oh Anna…
Anna made cake for a friend’s birthday and used salted butter or some other mystery ingredient which made the cake super salty. It looked so delicious and moist but ended up being left more or less untouched.

A dinner with my Danish family.
We had turkey casserole, wine, beer, and plenty of delicious sweets at the end.

Lunch in Odense.

Shrimp salad.
I made it.
It was delicious, but really should be had during summer months, not November.

Cinnamon rolls for our train ride to catch our early morning flight to Prague.
I wouldn’t mind one of these right now, thank you very much.

I made meatballs too.

Christmas beer.
Once a year, at the beginning of December, the Christmas beer is released, and everyone celebrates by drinking a lot of it.
This was the first night it was available, and we could get three bottles for about $4.
Breakfast with friends.
While Achilles was studying in Leiden (where I visited him this year), he and his friends came up to Denmark for a visit. One of his friends, Anders, is Danish, so they spent a few days with his parents, being fed and what not. Prior to that, Achilles, Anders and the two German guys Sebastian and Hilmar were in Arhus, where I met them for a day, which turned into a night. Another friend Kaitlin, who was studying in Sweden at the time was also able to meet us.
I remember that I was supposed to be working on my final project back in Aalborg and hadn’t planned to stay and party with them that night.
But then one of the guys said, “Come on. How many times do you get to party with Achilles and with us in Arhus?”
Decision made.
And I just found a video from that next morning that I don’t know I was fully aware that I had. It really made me smile, so I will post it tomorrow so it can be enjoyed on its own.

A quick trip with Finn.
Finn always made sure we had snacks.
This snack was much like a Pop Tart, if said Pop Tart were made by hand and not machine, and about 1000 x better!

Danish snaps.

Den Gamle By in Arhus (The Old Town)
We went to the Christmas market, sampled beer (above) and munched on these delicious sausages (below).

And finally, hot chocolate how the Danes take it.
We were saying goodbye to my friend Heval for the last time in a little cafe.
I had hot chocolate.

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