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Today’s post comes from one of my more recent blogging friends, Emy. She is a sweet French girl who has a  deep love for Japan. I’m obsessed with these gorgeous photos she’s allowed me to share! And as Japan is a place I have never been but wish very much to see, I was elated when Emy chose to write about Japan.
As a side note, when I wrote about not being crazy for Paris a little while ago, she offered to be my personal tour guide the next time I visit to make sure I leave liking the city. I’m pretty sure I’d be happy sitting in a cafe with her for hours on end, but if she’d like to show me around as well, I will definitely take her up on that. I am, as I’ve admitted, due to give Paris another chance.
Until then, off we go… to Tokyo!
What makes Tokyo a place where you could live and not just visit?
I’ve lived in France all my life, in the south for the first 18 years of my life, and in Paris for the last two years. I love France, I love Europe, but I also love what is truly different from what I see every day. This is maybe the reason why I love Tokyo so much. In fact, I probably could have chosen another place in Europe, Budapest for sure. But Tokyo has something that attracts me, no matter which district, no matter the weather, no matter anything. Any given place or moment, Tokyo is beautiful to me. Shiny days, rainy evenings, cold mornings alone in quiet streets, funny nights with friends in Shibuya, a picnic in Ueno park… The city is the setting of a neverending movie, in which you can never feel lonely or bored. It’s clean, it’s safe (not like Paris), it’s modern yet full of culture … There’s everything you can think of in Tokyo. It’s so different from Paris, and I’ll always miss the City of Lights, but Tokyo is calling me everyday, despite the expensive subway, the rules, the lines you have to wait in for everything, the shocking cost of cheese there, the weird texture of bread and croissants… I just can’t wait to live there. Maybe not forever, but quite surely, for a long time.
*3 – 2 – 1*
What are 3 must-do things in Tokyo?
Take purikura in Akihabara.  Everyone does it and there’s no wonder why. It’s just fun, and the experience gives you authentic memories. But one should be a bit careful, you can spend HOURS in there.
Go to a theme bar. I went to the Lock Up, a horror themed one, but there are so many. From Alice in Wonderland, to the maid cafe, to the neko ones… It’s definitely a good way to spend a good night!
Go to Meiji Buddhist Temple, next to Harajuku. Beautiful big temple, very peaceful, in a very surprising contrast with Harajuku, famous for Takeshita Street. Once there, buy one little plank(?), and write what you wish for or are grateful for on it. It’s actually quite moving.
What 2 things must you eat in Tokyo?
Ebi burger. I know, I know… It’s a shame to eat MacDonalds in Japan, but it’s DELICIOUS. It’s basically a shrimp burger, simple yet so addicting.
Tendon, with shrimp tempura, and a delicious tasting rice. One of my favourites!
What is 1 of your favourite memories of Tokyo?
It was hard to choose only one. As I was trying to make up my mind, so many memories came back, small ones that wouldn’t be the best ones maybe to tell, and big ones that aren’t personal enough.  I went for one of the first memories I made there, and probably one of the most peaceful moments I had in Tokyo. Somehow, it’s something I’ve had in mind for a long time while thinking of Japan: a picnic in Yoyogi park. We had bought an okonomiyaki and some kind of futomaki in a konbini, got lost along the way, but finally reached the park, where cherry blossoms were beautifully in bloom, and underneath their white and pink flowers, people were drinking, eating, playing, laughing, talking, relaxing… I felt peace, love and a very unique feeling of unity. This moment was exactly how I had imagined it to be.
Merci beaucoup à ma nouvelle amie, Emeline pour partager ses mots et ces belles photos!
Check out her blog for beautiful words and photos. You can also find her on twitter, and she has a wonderful youtube channel that is also a must see. Once you catch a glimpse of this beauty and hear her charming accent, I know you will fall for her just like I did!
Would you like to contribute to this feature? Email me at [email protected], and tell me about a place where you could totally live.

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  1. I couldn’t live there, but it’s SUCH a fun place to visit! Love these pics!!

  2. I need to go to Japan! I’m going to send you an e-mail on where i can totally live!

  3. I have never been there but would love to visit

  4. Heyy 🙂
    Thank you for the sweet words, it’s so kind of you!
    Ah when reading this again, there are so many things more to say about Tokyo, and to do there too!
    I hope you(and everyone) can go there at least once, it’s amazing!

  5. Those photos are awesome! It definitely makes me want to visit…but not sure I could live in Tokyo either 🙂

  6. I could absolutely live there, and will in the next couple years for sure! I loved every second in Japan, and I am glad I managed to hit everything on Emy’s list while I was there 🙂 Can’t wait to get back!

  7. Thank you for your comments, everyone! It’s interesting how people can be divided on a place, thinking it is awesome to live or just to visit, or even having no real interest or feelings about a place at all!

  8. i want to go to japan so badly!
    so much culture and history

    xo the egg out west.

  9. I’ll be going there next year because my friend is moving there! so this was fun to read 🙂


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