Lomo Goes for Mexican Food in Madrid

Oct 18, 2011 by

I miss being on the road. Especially with looming midterms.
It’s something that happens frequently. I’m sitting in class, and I turn to whichever friend is sitting next to me and the conversation goes like this:
Me: Are you here right now?
Dave: What do you mean? Am I paying attention?
Me: Yeah.
Dave: Sort of. Are you?
Me: No. I was in South America.
Dave: I wasn’t that far away. I think I was in Portage la Prairie.
Or today, Lea turns to me and says:
“God, that guy asks the stupidest questions.”
Me: I wasn’t listening.
Lea: They are pointless questions.
Me: I was in New York.
Lea: Yeah, I was sleeping for a bit. Did you see me? I was in my bath.
Interestingly, Lea is usually off in Croatia in these scenarios, riding a white horse into the sunset with a Disney prince.
Some days, I can make a whole trip of the world. Today, I know I was in New York, and I definitely touched back down in Madrid. I’m really missing that place; it sometimes feels like I’m far from home when I’m not there.

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