Lomo Goes to a Jets Game

Mar 10, 2012 by

Winnipeg, Canada
Over this past Christmas break, I made sure to squeeze every drop out of every day. It included many nights ending at 6:00 am, lots of friends, plenty of delicious food, time outside in the snow, forest walks, cousin time, and of course, hockey hockey hockey. Hockey and nights like the one pictured above.
It was a night of shouting and screaming and chanting and double rums with dad and leaping out of our seats and wearing new jerseys and flirting with the bar tender and impressing strangers with my Lomography camera. In the end, we won in overtime, and life was just too sweet to believe.
I loved this night and all the memories attached to it. I love what hockey does to people and what it has done to my city. It’s an amazing Canadian tradition that has been bringing people together since… well, since the first lunatic decided it was a good idea to strap blades to the bottom of his shoes. It was a night that ended at Kyle’s house, it was a night with a cold walk to the pub, and it was a night that brought me to my guy. It was the night we met. And yes, he was at the hockey game too.

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