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Brenna posted these photos that I took with my Lomography camera to her blog in a post about technology and how we crave different ways of capturing our adventures on the road. I had a different idea in my head when I took these photos, just that I was lucky to spend a few evenings with the effervescent and ever-roaming Brenna while she was ‘home’ for a while, but a few short months.
Right now, I am enjoying her adventures through Central and South America, so you should definitely check her blog on a regular basis for wonderful tales of adventure and exploration, and if we’re lucky, maybe even some beautiful men. After all, that part of the world is crawling with mocha and caramel-skinned hotties with sparkling eyes. 
I particularly like (and relate to) her latest post. Far too often, people who have never traveled to a place are quick to tell you how dangerous it is, how you will get mugged, how you will be ripped off and harassed. In my opinion, this is never helpful. I’m going to go there anyway, and your scaring me with travel horror stories is not helping.
The most poignant thing she said, and just in case you don’t read her post, I will share it here, because I don’t want you to miss it is:
“I’m always a bit trepidatious when heading to a new country or city, just as I think any normal traveler is; the day you don’t feel a few butterflies in your stomach upon arriving in a new place is perhaps the day you should hang up your backpack.”
I know I crave those butterflies.

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