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New Passport Win

Oct 21, 2016 by




For 2 months, I lacked the magical combination of simultaneously having good wifi, power (yes, as in electricity!) and the will to blog. Not once did these three things coincide, though each on their own came and went.

Since the end of August, I was in Malawi, and these last two weeks, I visited friends in Zambia and Qatar. As I’m secretly (now not so secretly?) trying to get through the alphabet in countries visited, I’m really jazzed about getting a Z country under my belt.




So, I have to say. My brand new passport is pretty badass so far: USA for clinical rotations. Malawi for more optometry nerding out. Zambia to visit a friend and his family. Qatar to reunite with two of my beloveds. Both Malawi and Zambia were new places to me, and tomorrow, I’ll be adding another stamp and taking flight to one more new place, making my passport all the more spunky. Think rum, think beaches and palm trees. Try not to think about me sweaty and gross while I refract and look at eye diseases, but that will be happening too.

I’m headed to Jamaica!




Like… get jealous, of course, but not too jealous because I am going for school and more clinical experience. It won’t be all bikinis and piña coladas… though of course there will be some of that.

And because I went 2 months without blogging and the world didn’t crack in half, another two weeks won’t hurt anyone. So I leave you with this in the meantime:

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson



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  1. Oh, wow! That is… a completely valid excuse for not blogging 😆 Damn, such exotic destinations, and I bet you did good a good job too.

    • Colleen

      Ha! Yes, I like to think it’s a valid excuse too… Well, I’m back on Canadian soil now and armed with my own computer and thousands of photos, so saddle up!

  2. Nice to see you again on blog. Malawi are trouble-free destinations but when you travel to Zambia there is a risk of explosive remnants of war in remote areas near the borders with Angola, Mozambique and DRC

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