Oh, Mr. Sandman…

Oct 21, 2013 by

Outside, the trees scrape against each other, the branches moaning, the leaves clinging onto the last bit of hope, the last trim of colour. The sky behind fades from a cloudy white to a murky grey, a terribly black. My cat stretches beside me, arching her back. As I pour another glass of wine, hearing the wind tickle the window panes, I think of carved pumpkins and trick or treaters and scary movies and too much candy. Always having been a fan of scary movies and giving myself the heebie-jeebies, I am going to take this chance to pay homage to all the places I’ve visited this past summer that made my skin crinkle and crawl, that made my imagination birth stories of murderers and ghosts and creeping shadows and all that is, to me, a season central to Halloween.



A Neighbourhood Where Everyone Stares – Grand Case, Saint Martin


I’m Surprised I Made It Out Alive – Saba


Hitchhiking In Iceland – near Keflavik, Iceland


That Hostel With The Old Man – St. Petersburg, Russia


That Hostel Stairwell – St. Petersburg, Russia


An Old Jail Yard – Suzdal, Russia


He’s Lurking In The Shadows – Suzdal, Russia


I Hope Not – Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


The Stories These Corridors Could Tell – on the train, Russia


Anybody Home? – Kuchino, Russia


Tend To Yourself – Perm 36, Russia


Just Try To Escape – Perm 36, Russia


You’ve Been Registered – Perm 36, Russia


Just A Place To Dump Them – Ganina Yama, Russia


Delightfully Dilapidated – Novosibirsk, Russia


Big Brother Will Be Watching – Krasnoyarsk, Russia


You Watch The Lake, I Will Watch You – Kuzhir, Olkhon Island, Russia


Before I Turned To Rust – Kuzhir, Olkhon Island, Russia


How Many Came Before Me? – Kuzhir, Olkhon Island, Russia


Around The Corner, There Was No One – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


As He Stacked The Strange Bones High, The Dead Animals Watched On – Somewhere in Mongolia


Everything Looks Different At Night – Shek O, Hong Kong

Don’t forget to lock your doors tonight.

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  1. Zhu

    The Russia set is mega creepy but these stairs in Saba? Wow. Eerie.

    • Colleen

      I feel like that photo is creepy just given context. On its own, pretty?

  2. That animal picture reallllly gave me the creeps. And perhaps I won’t be visiting Russia in October or on any famous dead people’s anniversaries? Hahaha.

    • Colleen

      That animal guy was actually the strangest. There were weird carvings from stone and wood all over the place and animals looking on and horns lying about. So strange. The things of storybooks.

  3. Wow!This is quite impressive photography, Colleen! All shots are great! These two are really top level:
    He’s Lurking In The Shadows
    Before I Turned To Rust

  4. Colleen – I could spend hours gazing on and meditating over each image. Thanks for posting this… great treat for the eyes and wonderful food for thought.

    • Colleen

      I’m so glad you enjoyed these photos. I gave myself a nightmare last night… damn overactive imagination. I really need no help.

  5. Great photos originally I wanted to say that the Suzdal, Russia one was the creepiest but that may be a draw with the Mongolia one. This post idea would be a good one for one of those ones where people tag each other and it mutates over the internet. I forget the name of the thing that I am thinking of but I think you get the gist? Like a creepy photo competition.

    • Colleen

      That’s a great idea. Tag you’re it!!! You must have some great ones from Russia.

  6. Super eeerie Russia, whoa!

  7. Wow these photos are captivating! The old man in the hostel is my favourite because it reminds me of those surreal moments that travelling can put you in. Plus it also reminds me of the setting of a low-budget horror movie 🙂 I really need to experience Russia for myself – soon!

    • Colleen

      You really hit the nail on the head. It’s one of the creepiest photos for me too, for the exact reasons you describe.

  8. Colleen, this is my favorite post to date of your’s that I’ve ever read. I’m serious.”Big brother watching…” “the stories these corridor could tell (what is she thinking about?)…”, “He’s lurking…” OH.MY.GAWD. I’m soooo tweeting this (with my 40 Followers). I’m also going to Stumble this post!! It rocks!! I would love to get photo lessons from you. I mean that 🙂

    • Colleen

      Mike, I’m so flattered! I don’t know what I could possibly teach you about photography…
      Thank you, and I am very glad you liked this post!!!

  9. Just brilliant. You are truly blessed, with both talent (for writing and photography), and with experience 🙂

    I just adore you, and I can’t wait to see you.

  10. Those Russian train beds and carpeted corridors, oh my haha. Some not so fond memories there.

    • Colleen

      The train was one of my favourite parts about traveling through Russia! Although… I did hear some pretty nasty horror stories…

  11. You definitely got my imagination going right now. Great photos, that stairwell in Russia and the photo from Mongolia are really creepy.

    • Colleen

      Thanks Freya! What I find most interesting about this post is how everyone seems to find different things creepy for different reasons. So cool. I happen to find them all creepy, one way or another!

  12. Evocative images.

  13. dude Russia looks suuuuuper creepy! I want to go!!!

  14. Love both this idea and this series Colleen. Very Halloween appropriate! Particularly love the shot down the Russian train – I too was imagining all the shit that could go down on those trains. Particularly because we were pretty sure we saw a murder from the train window somewhere in the beyond of Siberia. The Russian experience! x

    • Colleen

      Thank you for your kind comment!
      Um. I would like to hear more about this murder!!! (?) Somehow that doesn’t surprise me. Russia is such a bizarre, fascinating, backwards-trying-to-go-forwards kind of country. You should do a post like this too!

  15. I’m so happy you got to go deep into Russia! It’s your reward for finishing my book on Eastern Europe! 😉
    It’s funny how your captions can make a photo spooky.

    • Colleen

      Haha is that what it was? Well, I did read every page of your book and provide very thorough feedback.
      I’m glad you enjoyed this post and that the photos were a bit spooky for you. Everyone seems to see something different, and I love that.

  16. Quite the collection of pictures there! Haunting, yet beautiful! That last shot from Hong Kong is positively CREEPY!

    • Colleen

      Hi Pauline! I’m so glad you liked this series! I love how you picked out Honk Kong as the creepy one. I find them all creepy in their own way, but everyone else who sees this finds very different things spooky… Not many people have leapt at the Shek O bus station at night!

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