Quiet Details In Suzdal

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Suzdal: a town of old wooden homes, brightly painted, with ornate window frames to match. A town with kitties, babushkas, and churches and blue domes galore. A town of dumplings and honey wine and salty homemade pickles. A town that really should have won me over, but just didn’t quite hit the mark. The reason? It was just too bloody hot. I have much more to say about Suzdal, but for now, I will share with you some of my favourite details of this place, for it was in the details that I found my imagination, my interest and any magic at all in the sweltering and suffocating heat.












Have you been to Suzdal? Have you been somewhere when it was just WAY. TOO. HOT?

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  1. It’s in the details- always.
    Lovely shots Colleen – must have been a little bitter-sweet to leave such a place.

    • Colleen

      You know what… it was kind of bittersweet. Actually much of that trip was bittersweet. Russia is full of dichotomies and I really felt that while I was there.

  2. Ugh. In San Antonio, Texas, I almost got heat stroke. Charleston, South Carolina is downright swampy. And in Bagaces, Costa Rica, after two months, dripping sweat just felt normal.

    • Colleen

      Isn’t it weird when sweating is NORMAL? I got used to it too when I lived in Mexico. When I came home after 4 months and I wasn’t sweating, I was SO confused (and quite happy about it!).

  3. Old is Gold. I am in love with the shots, they are amazing.

  4. Amazing shots. I love them

  5. You’ve really captured the details well here -sometimes it’s so hard to describe the reasons why I love a place, but I think it usually has something to do with little things like these. And I know about the heat thing – that was pretty much my entire experience in SE Asia:it’s really cool here, but I’m distracted by all the sweat in my eyes.

    • Colleen

      I always make sure to take detailed shots. After all, it’s often the details that are easiest to forget but which can make a big impression. Thank you for taking time to comment Jess. I’ve been thinking about you!

  6. I’m out on sweltering hot as well, Colleen. But, I do love the nostalgia in all of these pictures! And perfect alignment for that scaled creature’s neck being perfectly aligned with the window frame! I like the one of your shoes and the steps. Always thinking outside of the box and a great post 🙂

    • Colleen

      Thank you Mike! Yes, I found that little creature drawn on a wall to be kind of odd and totally cute. I couldn’t resist. Much of Russia has a very “nostalgic” feeling to it… it’s a great place for photos like this. I have so so many more to share too!

  7. Emy

    I’ve been to Venice twice. The first time was like hell, it was too hot. way too hot. My friend had to pour water on my shoulders and I almost passed out in the vaporetto! Second time it was raining.
    I still love Venice a lot.
    But the weather can be such a pain when you’re travelling!

    • Colleen

      Oooo I LOVE Venice. 🙂
      I think when the weather is too hot, it is actually the thing I struggle with the most when I travel. I have a really hard time adapting!

  8. cvail

    Great photos! I have to agree, temperature makes a difference for me, too. If I’m not comfortable being outside and can’t do as much as I like (read: take photos) I’ll be a very grouchy girl!

    • Colleen

      Thank you for your comment. 🙂 I definitely know what it’s like to be a hot, grumpy girl. Not fun!

  9. Totallyyyy get you on the heat thing right now in Costa Rica! Though I’m trying to soak it all in before we’re back home for Christmas and freezing 🙂 Your pictures are lovely though and it certainly looks like a great place! I love all the different paint colors.

    • Colleen

      Whenever I’m somewhere really hot, I just CRAVE the cold. Winter is always a relief for me, but I guess I’m a bit of an outlier in that regard!
      Thank you so much for your kind comment. 😀

  10. Beautiful beautiful rural atmosphere! It´s amazing it manages to retain that kind of look even though it´s not exactly the smallest of towns.. Very cute:)

    • Colleen

      Thank you! Yes… it did maintain some of its old world charm for sure, but as I traveled more through Russia and Siberia I saw many more towns that felt more ‘authentic’. Still, it was nice to experience Suzdal as a starting point.

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