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Reasons I Love Winnipeg/Canada #21

Dec 8, 2012 by

I realised last night it’s been a while since I expressed my appreciation for the things I love not only about my hometown of Winnipeg, but also for those special things I find throughout this great big beautiful country of Canada.
Living in Waterloo, where I will be for the next four years, there is a spot that has quickly become one of my favourite things about living here. I know that when I go home or anywhere else in the world, it will be on my mind. I will miss this place: the St. Jacobs Market. Truly, it is a very special market. As a student, budget is very important, and I can go there and stock up at affordable prices on all my fruits and veggies, and I can even get fresh flowers, meat, kettle corn, perogies, bread, jam and honey, and any other little treats I may be craving, like spicy pickled beans for my caesars.
Here are a few photos expressing my love for the market, for its colours, its vendors, its smells, its energy.
St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada
Not only is the market great for its food, but the dogs are cute too.
Are there any great markets near where you live?

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  1. I miss shopping at St. Jacob’s. My sister drives there just to buy sausages and bacon.

    The market that I love here in Toronto is St. Lawrence Market. It’s the best on Saturday’s. Come early and have breakfast at Carousel Bakery and then shop for produce.

  2. I wish we had a market! LOVE the Bonsai Tree and doggy!!!

  3. Anonymous

    That is an awesomely cute puppy!

  4. Anonymous

    Well I’ll be making this one a new favourite and plan to visit often.

    I discovered Hamilton’s Farmers Market for the first time this year. Not only do I now make it habit of buying myself flowers on a weekly basis, I’ve found the best bread I have ever tasted. If you get a chance, grab a loaf of sliced San Francisco Sourdough, some fresh sliced local cheese and make a quick picnic snack on the grounds of Dundurn Castle.

  5. Could that little puppy be any cuter!! I am going to have to get to Winnipeg soon!

  6. chanty

    could you be cuter? is it possible??

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