Reflecting on a few things… #2 (and some news!)

Mar 13, 2012 by

Santiago, Chile
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Chicago, USA

Chicago, USA
Sooke Harbour House, BC, Canada

Vancouver, Canada
Niteroi, Brasil
Backstage – Chihuahua, Mexico
Well friends, the time has come: I know where I will be living come September. The news came much quicker than I had anticipated, but it was more than well received on my hyperventilating, sobbing, relieved end. I have lots to do and prepare before I go, and I daresay that my travel plans this spring may have been altered by reasons unrelated to this news I am so eager to share.
In the meantime, as I reflect on last week and all its events and all that is to come for me, I am going to drop a few hints.
Hint #1:

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  1. Hmmmm, Jafar… somewhere in the Middle East?

  2. Yay,yay,yay….you’ll be closer to me!! xo

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