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This is what I’m thinking…
San Francisco, USA
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Madrid, Spain
San Francisco, USA
Mariposa Grove, USA
Kenora, Canada
San Francisco, USA
…and this is what you should know…
In three weeks from today, I’m moving away. I’m packing my car till it is busting, and I’m hitting the road. I’m moving to Waterloo for four life changing years of study, new friendships and travel, always travel.

I will always blog and write about my travels, but what I want you to understand is that this blog was started first and foremost to keep in touch with friends and family while I am away. It is my medium to tell them what I’m doing, share pictures and stories and let them know I’m still alive. Since I am once again moving away, I can say with almost complete certainty that I will be blogging about my new life in the ‘Loo. Lucky for me (and lucky for you, the reader of this travel blog), travel is always going to be a part of my life, and I will even be presented with opportunities to travel with my newly chosen career path (…evidently one of the many reasons I chose this route). There will be opportunities for trips to Montreal for optometry banquets with my French-speaking colleagues, road trips around southern Ontario with classmates, adventures to see hockey games anywhere our respective teams are playing, (mandatory) international externships, and most importantly, there will be the overseas work.

I know I’ve been far too blessed in this life to not do something for other people. I’ve been gifted an intelligent mind, and I feel it would be a waste to not put it to use for the benefit of others. That I’ve also come from a country which allows and encourages women to live the lives they choose only further confirms that I have made the right choice, that I am able to design my own future and my own path to happiness. Success will be as I define it, not as society does. I plan to live simply and spend my spare time and money doing volunteer work overseas. A big home, a flashy car and lots of money has never interested me. As time goes on, you will, and this is a promise, be able to read all about the missions I participate in to provide the less fortunate overseas with vision care. Having conceived the idea of working overseas before I was settled into my current path of optometry, it took some soul searching to know that I wanted to be the one directly providing the care to individuals experiencing advanced stages of eye disease. Knowing this, I knew I would have to go to school to acquire some pretty unique skills.

As far as this blog goes, I guess I’m just saying that things may change around here a bit in the short term. In a couple of months, I’m going to be in the thick of studying, the thick of stress, the thick of new friends and keeping a new apartment clean and keeping my head on straight. It’s going to be busy and crazy and hectic and one hundred percent completely amazing. I’m glad I’ve racked up some readers over the years, and I hope you see me through this major life change.

Big things are to come…

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