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Tonight, as I get nice and cozy with 20 of biochemistry’s favourite amino acids, I also share a little facebook banter with a Mexican friend of mine, Daniel, who I met in 2008 in Mexico City, better known as D.F. He is good friends with my dear friend Ruben, my original Mexican friend I met while I was living in England in 2004. We’ve kept in touch ever since. 
Kathy’s house, Newmarket, England

A Manitoban in Lavenham, England

Cream tea in Lavenham

Segovia, Spain

My Dream House (read: HEAPS of books), Leiden, the Netherlands

Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, Spain

Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

While I hung out with Ruben and his friends in D.F, his friend Daniel entertained me on numerous occasions by whipping out his guitar and playing some Smashing Pumkins for me. Lately, he’s been posting photos of Mexican food online, and if anyone reading this knows anything about me, Mexican food is the type of food I would choose to live the rest of my days eating, if I could only choose one type of food.
These recently posted photos have agitated me in the best possible way, recalling fond memories of my times in Mexico, the delicious food I ate, the lovely friends I have there, and making me more and more eager to get back down there at some point… if for nothing else but to eat.
Also, the last time I was there, I accidentally left a half-read copy of Gulliver’s Travels at Ruben’s house, and he’s kept it safe ever since, not trusting the Mexican post enough to send it by mail and keeping it as collateral to get me back there.
In my dream trip back to South America, a few days of stopover in D.F. is now looking like a must.

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