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SAS #3 aka Achilles on Swass

Sep 20, 2011 by

Shortly after I arrived in Leiden, we dropped off my stuff and took a short walk to a cafe for a snack and to enjoy the beautiful weather we’d been blessed with for the duration of my visit.
As we sat down, and I pondered the heat, I asked Achilles, “Is it wrong that I want a beer?”
Since it was maybe a little early for a beer, his reply was just what I needed: curt and approving.
“No, it’s perfectly legit. You need a beer.”
Why, yes. Yes I do need a beer.
So that is what we did for the better part of the afternoon. Sat. Drank beer. Achilles ordered food. His friends joined us. We had more beer. Achilles ordered more food. The sun shone. More food. Plenty of good conversation and lots of laughs.
Achilles tried to tell me that there was horse meat in these things. I didn’t believe him, and actually there wasn’t horse meat in them, but in reality, it’s not that uncommon in Europe as I learned during this most recent stay. One of my cousin’s roommates in France bought horse meat to try while I was staying with them in Arras. She thought she’d try being a little more “adventurous”.
The wonderful and lovely Yasmine
Daniel (Yasmine’s brother) and Ghuliz (from Turkey)
Well into our wonderful and hot canal-side rendez-vous, Yasmine and Ghuliz decided to go inside a custom jewellery store beside the cafe. I thought I’d go with them, but by then I had some swass from sitting on a metal seat in the sun.
Hey, cut me some slack. I’m human.
“Achilles, I have swass,” I said, as the girls skipped off, apparently swass-less.
And then the best advice about swass:
“You just have to stay calm. Don’t panic.”

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