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SAS #8 Achilles The Super Hero

Feb 17, 2012 by

Photos from Leiden, the Netherlands
With a name like Achilles, it should come as no surprise that this man is pretty much a bona fide super hero.
I asked him if he’d met any special women lately. He told me his “seek and destroy mode is not on.”
When waiting for trains, he could decipher train times and information too far away for the typical mortal to read. He told me, “I have Superman vision.”
And when it comes to serving ones country, this is top priority with Achilles. At any given moment, if I was unsure about something we were discussing, Achilles would exclaim, “Do it for your country.”
Not sure how that made any sense with my uncertainties, I clarified what he meant for me to do, “Just… whatever?”
His answer was adamant, “Yeah. Just do it for your country!”

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