Are You There Spring? It’s Me, Colleen.

Mar 11, 2015 by



I feel like I’m poking my head out of my bomb shelter for the first time, or like I’m a turtle emerging from her shell after a particularly brash jostling. Yesterday, I saw grass for the first time in months! Today, I wore a light spring coat! Today the steering wheel of my car wasn’t painfully frigid! Today, I didn’t have to scrape ice and snow off my car in order to drive!


I hope I’m not speaking too soon. I hope that in writing this post, I’m not dooming myself to another snowstorm. But I’m just too excited.

The warming days and promise of new blossoms to come made me think of sunnier days and cute flowers in Mongolia. Here you go.








When in doubt, talk about the weather, am I right?

What’s the weather like where you are?


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  1. Spring… ahem, I mean temperatures around 0C, arrived yesterday in Ottawa. sending the spring guy to you!

  2. My mom was just visiting us from Calgary and complaining about our cold and windchill (when honestly it was the nicest it’s been in months) and bragging about the 15+ degrees back west. I’ll be laughing when their Chinooks end and they get another dump of snow. Hah!

    • Colleen

      Haha that’s funny! That wouldn’t surprise me to hear of a snow dump after a bout of warm weather…

  3. Well I’m British so I loooove to chat about the weather! 🙂 Spring has been weird here- it got really warm then went colder again. Oh well, I guess it will be hot and humid soon enough!

    • Colleen

      Haha Canadians love talking about the weather too.. must be all the garbage weather we get, misery loves company. Or something.

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