Springy Feelings

Mar 20, 2016 by

  If you’ve ever survived a Canadian spring, you’ll know that it’s anything but the quintessential green and spritely image of freshness that you might believe. It’s shades of brown and grey, and there’s a ubiquitous slop… not to mention a persistent threat of yet another dump of snow just around the corner. Eventually, trees begin to bud, and yes, the green appears, but before then, there isn’t a lot of pretty. So for today, I’m channeling some good feels, those Irish greens, and a stubborn sun that came out on my friend’s wedding day in a region notorious for cloudy, rainy days. Let us channel that hope, and maybe spring, as it is right now, is here to stay. For the life of me, I refuse to turn my heat back on. ____________________________________________________________________...

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We Ate Ireland

Sep 30, 2015 by

  After the first night of all the Guinness, we were starving. Our walk back to the airbnb took us through Temple Bar area. Normally (and especially after such wonderful recommendations from our friends), I would avoid stopping in such a high tourist area to eat, but we were both happy where we ended up: Elephant & Castle. We each had a bowl of the prawn, coconut milk and lemongrass soup, and we shared some spare ribs with a molasses ginger glaze and the herb frites with sage and rosemary.     I also got weirdly excited about the presence of this sign hanging in the restaurant (incidentally, while they were trying to clean up and close):     After a morning of walking, Trinity College and the Book of Kells, we were ravenous, and...

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And We Drank

Sep 16, 2015 by

  Minor Disclaimer – I mostly drank Guinness in Ireland. As someone who has been following a gluten-free diet for a year, I am aware that while there are no wheat components in the beverage, Guinness does contain a protein (hordein) which is similar to gluten. A couple things: since I am not celiac, this was not really an issue for me to consider. Also, while I was making the 24 hour drive back to Ontario for school, my face more or less exploded. Since I cut out gluten for the sake of my skin, and because my face was already unhappy (stress from the long drives?), I took a very DGAF attitude about what I ate and drank in Ireland. Prepare for a lot of Guinness photos.    Our first night, we were...

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Epitome Of Epic

Sep 7, 2015 by

I’m decompressing after a week in Ireland. Words like incredible, whirlwind, intense, amazing, unforgettable all come to mind, but somehow they don’t seem to do the real feeling justice. There are a lot of sentiments simmering inside me right now as I reflect on what I just experienced: sharing my family’s culture (for real!) for the first time with my guy, seeing and soaking up as much as possible of Dublin and Ireland in one week, sharing in the wedding day of two of my best friends, reading a prayer for them during their wedding ceremony, and reconnecting with all the fab gals I met at the hen weekend this July. I am one wildly lucky girl… Here is a collection of photos to tide us all over until I have some more proper...

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Glimpses Of Ireland: See You Soon...

Aug 21, 2015 by

One month ago, I was leaving Ireland after a whirlwind weekend bachelorette party. In just over a week, I leave for Ireland once more, this time for the wedding! I have some thoughts on this trip…     It was an honour to be invited and included not only in the bachelorette (hen!), but to also receive a Save the Date and wedding invitation. Originally I thought I would be unable to attend the wedding because of school starting back up. Lucky for me, I am only required to report for school a couple of days after the wedding. This late start in September is about as late as it can possibly be I think, thanks to when Labour Day falls this year. This good fortune will likely be balanced out with a late end...

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