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There In The Window

Jun 24, 2012 by

I’ve developed something of a sixth sense for Easter Island memorabilia. It’s as if I already know it’s there, around the corner, hidden among other treasures, or under a sheet, as in the case of the moai head in Edmonton (pictured below).
After our fun at The Saloon in San Francisco, Kathy, Janet and I headed up the hilly streets back to their car. Hallelujah, I was getting a ride back to the hostel! I had walked uphill for thirty minutes to meet them at the beginning of the night. Along the way back to the car, we lost Kathy to a bakery (that story coming), and when she rejoined us, Janet and I were parked in front of this window. We had been admiring the smorgasbord of objects and paraphernalia, matched and mismatched and somehow pleasantly assembled.
I said, “Kathy, what do you see in this window?”
“Do you mean Van Gogh?”
“No. There’s something specific to you and me in this window.”
“Surely there can’t be something related to Easter Island…”
And I stood in silence as her eyes scoured the objects.

San Francisco, USA
Aberfoyle Antique Market, Canada

Edmonton, Canada

Madrid, Spain

And then her eyes lit up, and she squealed in glee. There he was, little moai head, sitting on a vintage camera in a storefront in San Francisco, waiting for Kathy and me, just Kathy and me, to see.

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