Wham, Bam

Nov 24, 2012 by

San Francisco, USA


Because who doesn’t love street art and wall doodles?

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  1. Wow the pictures are all amazing but the second one is so beautiful and impressive!
    The colors are gorgeous!

  2. The first and third ones makes me angry. I hate this type of “graffiti”. The others are the Art. All photos are great. Nice colors.

    • You’re right that they are not art, but I love the colours in the photos, and even though it could be considered vandalism, I love how people will make a wall their own by writing random things like “Hint” or “Shark”.

  3. Loooove these! How did I miss them when I was in San Francisco?

  4. Wow!! The details and colors one these are just beautiful! I’m only a state jump away and I have yet to visit San Fran. All my friends that have been absolutely love it there.

  5. Love these, especially the second one! Street art is so much fun to find…

  6. these are awesome photos!

  7. Nice selection of pictures, loved viewing them 🙂

  8. Thank you Krystal and Carla!

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