Yellow in Yellowstone

Jun 22, 2015 by

Between a couple false starts, some technical difficulties (namely, my laptop sitting in a pool of water beside an open window after a storm) and a TRIP TO YELLOWSTONE, things have been beyond busy for me. I’m also working full time, practicing to become a freaking doctor yo, and working on a pretty major writing project outside of my blog. So I’m going to ease my way in to this with a nice, gentle post about my most recent trip to Yellowstone. The theme: yellow.










Have you ever been to Yellowstone?

What have you been up to lately? Give me the goss, people.


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  1. These pictures are just gorgeous! This is a place I’ve always wanted to visit!

  2. You can keep the doctor’s title, I want that dress! So pretty!

  3. I am ashamed to admit that I have never been to Yellowstone OR the Grand Canyon OR Glacier National Park. I have literally driven around/past each of them but haven’t actually seen them. Bad American. Bad.

    • Colleen

      Haha, that’s kind of funny. We overheard some people on our trip saying, “Remember that time we came to Yellowstone and ONLY stopped at Old Faithful?” That’s kind of Yellowstone blasphemy when you consider how much there is to do and see there. At least you are waiting to do the trip right? Right? 😉

  4. Colleen, Love it. Yellow is just so summery!

    • Colleen

      Agreed, it was the perfect colour for our visit this time of year!

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